The goals of the Men’s Ministry:

To empower the men of our fellowship to influence and transform other men in their realms  of influence.

To equip individual men in a holistic sense that is body, soul and spirit in order to enable them to dominate their sphere of influence and rescue men from the challenges they may find  themselves in. Empowerment is not just spiritual in scope but physical, intellectual, emotional, social and economic.

To empower the men of the fellowship to take their rightful  place as leaders in the home, church, workplace and communities in which they reside.

To raise social awareness of family violence and men’s issues.

To positively influence and transform young people within our fellowship

To build a dynamic and strong men’s ministry that is relevant to today’s contemporary society with all it’s challenges and demands.

Honoring our men... Happy father's day #woodbrookpentecostalchurch

Posted by Woodbrook Pentecostal Church on Monday, June 19, 2017