Why Worry?

Taking control of worry and stress as a Christian

By Desi-Ann Gordon

One day my husband and I were casually chatting about life. Sounds like an oxymoron, doesn’t it? With all the distractions in our world today, how could one possibly use ‘casually’ and ‘life’ in the same sentence!
Anyway we were pondering over this journey called life and asking ourselves why we stress so much. We stress about finances, our children’s education, our mortgage…and the list goes on.
Life can be so demanding that we tend to miss the precious moments.

“Why worry?”

In the midst of our discussion, my husband shared an interesting perspective with me. He told me about a neighbour he had growing up, who was always carefree and indifferent to life’s challenges.

When asked about something that would’ve been overwhelming to the rest of the world, his neighbour’s usual response was the same. “Why worry?” he would say in a casual, nonchalant tone.

My husband and I laughed as he shared this with me. However, I couldn’t help but find myself mulling over the words. “Why worry?” Two simple yet profound words caused me to put my own life in perspective.

Why do we allow negativity to step in?
If our Heavenly Father promises that He won’t leave us nor forsake us, then why do we allow negativity to step in?

Lack of self-worth

These are some of the ‘noises’ that plague us daily. But if we pause for just a moment and reflect on God’s promises, we should eliminate these thoughts (or at least reduce them). Easier said than done right?

You Have Authority!

We are spiritual beings first, with a human existence. Yet we tend to operate in the reverse.

We often allow our ‘humanness’ to take charge. But God gave us the authority to take control of our situations. He empowered us to move mountains. So why do we worry?

As believers we should be exercising our God-given authority… not succumbing to negativity. I was reminded of this in Psalm 55:22 to cast my cares upon God.

Living by this principle helps me to rely on His strength. His word gives me the courage and strength to keep going. Joyce Meyer also encourages us in her book, Battlefield of the Mind, to transform our lives by improving our thoughts.

How to enjoy life more abundantly
If we redirect our time and energy to meditating on God’s promises, we will enjoy life more abundantly.

You’re probably saying that this is not a simple exercise. That’s true, but I promise you it will get easier.

I remember going through a time in my life where all I could think about was finances.

My gas tank is almost on E. Where will I get money to fill it?
My credit card is maxed out. How am I ever going to get out of debt?
My children need school supplies but I don’t have the money.

And so on and so on!

I was using up a lot of my energy focusing on my financial position. You name it and I thought it! Then it happened, that moment when I was able to pull myself back, pause and shake off the negativity.

Once again I reflected on God’s word. If my God says to let my requests be known unto him (Phil 4:6), why am I spending all his time worrying?

That was the ‘aha’ moment I so desperately needed! When I changed my attitude from one of worry to one of praise and thanksgiving and hope, I started to see positivity increasing in my life.

Ask. Seek. Knock. (Matt 7:7)

That’s what God wants his children to do. So I encourage you to allow the Holy Spirit to guide and encourage you. Take time every day to meditate on His word and believe in His promises.

Stay positive!

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