Rev. Joycelyn Nelson

Rev Joycelyn Nelson, Pastor at the Woodbrook Pentecostal Church, is the charming and affable wife of the late Apostle Turnel Nelson. She is an outstanding woman of God who is used extensively as a Conference Speaker and as a Gospel Singer. Rev Nelson has worked very closely with her husband and the church in this region and in many other parts of the world.

Rev Nelson has been serving the Lord steadfastly from the age of 16. An ordained graduate from the West Indies School of Theology, She has been pastoring the Woodbrook Pentecostal Church, first with her late husband, since 1964. She is also the head pastor at Righteous Way Community Church . She is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Woodbrook Pentecostal Church, on the Board of the International Pastors’ Wives Association and Mizpeh House Inc. and a Trustee of the International Third World Leaders Association. She also presents on radio and television.

Rev Nelson is an accomplished singer and musician, having studied music in England, and has tutored many in both voice and piano.

Rev. Nelson is committed, passionate and dedicated and contributes in no small measure to the development of God’s work. A true mother of the faith, Rev Nelson, in spite of her busy schedule, finds the time to sit with anyone who needs her attention, especially the young ones. She provides sound counsel and advice and is a confidante to many.

Your church and your ministry will be tremendously blessed by her revelation, teaching and preaching of the Word with                                                                                overwhelming results.

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