Bishop Osbert Williams

Bishop Osbert Williams is the Senior Pastor of the Woodbrook Pentecostal Church in Trinidad.  He is a teacher of the Word and is greatly respected for his work in the nation of Trinidad and Tobago.  He is an ordained minister with the Pentecostal Assemblies of the West Indies (PAWI) and serves on the North West District Executive of PAWI which oversees 26 churches and 72 credentialed ministers.  He holds a Graduate Degree in Family Life Education from OASIS University an affiliate of Oxford Graduate School, Tennessee, USA. Previous to this, he graduated from the West Indies School of Theology with a Bachelor in Bible and Theology. For the past 34 years he has been happily married to Reverend Angela, with whom he shares 5 adult children and 4 grandchildren.


From a tender age, Bishop Williams was anointed by the Holy Spirit for ministry.  He then began preaching at the age of 5. Now, over 46 years later, he has served 19 years as an itinerant minister and 27 years as a Pastor. Before the call to serve at Woodbrook Pentecostal Church,  he pastored the Mt Hope Worship Tabernacle, where they built a sanctuary which seats 300persons.  At Woodbrook, Bishop Williams is presently constructing a sanctuary and multi-purpose building to seat approximately 3000 persons. From this facility the church will continue to impact communities, the nation and the world.


Internationally, Bishop Williams has ministered in 18 countries including the Caribbean, USA, Sri Lanka, the UK, Canada, Zambia, Malawi, Zimbabwe, South Africa to name a few. Bishop William’s general message to people is that God is a relational Father who desires that we develop relationship with Him and each other.  His knowledge in agiculture as a trained Agriculturist was used to help develop the African nations, alongside the teaching of the Word.


Bishop Williams teaches at seminars, conferences, retreats, camps and workshops on a regular basis.  He hosts a radio  program entitled “Wisdom For Living”, majoring on the restoration of families and relationships. One of his passions is to see people experience the power of the Word of God in their daily lives. He has authored 3 books, ‘They All Spake in Tongues’ Vol. 1 & 2, which teaches on the power and baptism of the Holy Spirit. His second book, ‘Effective Parenting’, covers practical parenting techniques. His latest book is titled ‘Restoring the Family’, which goes in-depth into the importance of the father’s positive influence in developing confident, well-balanced children. It also presents guidance for persons in the blended family as well as in single parent families.


Though his leadership, Bishop Williams has seen church members  being equipped and empowered and over time a more family-oriented environment has developed, with a greater sense of oneness. The partnerships between the Church, City Officials, Agencies and Central Government have been strengthened.  There has also been the development of a greater established music and arts ministry within the church.


“Home is where the training and shaping of character begins”, is one of the Bishop’s famous quotes. As a strong family man he is well-placed to help people create this type of environment within their homes.  He has been providing marriage and family life counseling for over 35 years and many locally and abroad have testified to his aid in saving their marriages and/or their household.  This counselling extends to fellow ministers of the gospel. He has been teaching consistently about relationships over the radio for 17 years and has extended his reach to television.  During his extensive travels both locally and internationally, Bishop Williams meets people for the first time who have already been impacted by his ministry. Many express gratitude for the great help received. They lovingly request that he should not stop any of his programs on air.


One of Bishop Williams’ mentors was the late Dr. Myles Munroe with whom he and his wife shared a mutually respectful relationship.  The tragic deaths of Dr. and Mrs. Munroe, along side 7 others in November 2014 have greatly impacted Bishop Williams and has added  greater urgency to his ministry.  Another mentor, Pastor Benny Hinn, has been very respectful to the Bishop and his wife and has been very appreciative of their leadership excellence in executing their responsibilities they had in hosting one of his national evangelical crusades and  ministry to the spiritual leaders in the nation.


Another quote of the Bishop is, “When you work for money, money puts heavy burdens on you and determines your worth”, so it is no surprise that he is very charity-oriented.  He continues to lead the church in giving to missions, the distribution of food supplies to families in need and issues school supplies to needy children annually. Alongside the above he also arranges for his congregants, corporate citizens and or government agencies to provide families with supplies of housing materials and aid support (including housing) for victims of natural disasters.  He has initiated and established on-going Trauma Training for psychological professionals and social services providers in collaboration with Green Cross International, through two (2) of his own children, who are trauma specialists and trainers.  Those trained are equipped to respond to victims of natural or man-made trauma, nationally, regionally or internationally. He and his team arrange social events such as concerts, sporting events and the distribution of hampers in rural communities.  He organizes and with the help of his team executes an annual family health fair, sports and empowerment expo in various rural communities in collaboration with community groups, religious organizations and government agencies.  He also oversees an annual week of activities including a luncheon as well as other entertaining and empowering events especially for senior citizens in collaboration with government agencies.


Bishop Williams has received a number of recognitions for his tireless work.  In 1997, he was invited by Uplift International to go to Zambia and two years later to Malawi to help train the people in agriculture.  In 2012, he received two awards from Uplift International, one for excellent service to world missions and the other a Certificate of Appreciation for significant contribution in making a difference in nations.  In that same year, ACE Trinidad – 50th Year of Independence Award Ceremony gave him an award for Christian Excellence. Additionally, his hands on approach led to him receiving a Credit Honorary Award for Vegetable Production from the Eastern Caribbean Institute of Agriculture and Forestry.


Despite all this, he states his greatest accomplishments as having a wonderful marriage to his beloved wife Rev Angela, successfully raising children who are stable, God-fearing, strongly family-oriented and succeeding in their God-directed careers, as well as building a multi-purpose facility in Mt Hope debt free in 1995.  However, he says he wants to be remembered for, “Faithfulness to God Almighty, my wife, my family and to the people of God to whom I am called to serve”.  His personal mission is, “To live out the will of God for my life, glorifying Him in the earth”, and so his ministry is not restricted to where he is physically stationed.


His books can be purchased locally at the Woodbrook Pentecostal Church – 1-868-622-4765. For more information visit the church website

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